Lamar Odom Released From Hospital!

Posted on January 9th, 2016 at 9:44 am
True Lamar Odom Released From Hospital Fallen basketball star Lamar Odom has been released from hospital. Radar Online reported that Odom was released from Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on January 6, after overdosing in a Nevada brothel on October 13. Sources close to the former NBA star claim that Odom will continue his rehab at a facility close to Khloe Kardashan's home. The couple have still not finalized their divorce. Khloe rushed to be with Odom after he fell into a drug induced coma after partying at Nevada’s Love Ranch brothel. However, things seem to Have cooled between the pair in recent months and it looks unlikely that there will be any kind of romantic reunion between them. It is understood that Odom faces a long road to recovery with many speculating that he may never be the same again and could need constant care 24/7. Since initially being deprived of oxygen following several strokes, the 36-year-old is experiencing severe struggles in the cognitive department. “Lamar has made some progress, but his cognitive impairment is making life very challenging," revealed a source. The former NBA baller is unable to walk by himself and can hardly communicate verbally. So, although leaving hospital is a major step, it is very clear that he faces a very long road medically as he tries to get his shattered life back on track. "Lamar has serious longterm and lasting issues. His life will never be the same as it once was,” added the source. On the plus side he still has Khloe Kardashian rooting for him while her family have also intimated that they will stand by Odom during his health battles. Lamar Odom Released From Hospital