Jim Marchese Claims Real Housewives Is Fake!

Posted on January 21st, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Jim Marchese Claims Real Housewives Is Fake

Former Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Jim Marchese is getting candid about the validity of the story lines of The Real Housewives franchise- claiming the whole thing is completely fabricated and made up!

Jim Marchese Claims Real Housewives Is Fake! Get The Scoop!

RumorFix caught up with the reality star exclusively, where he stands behind his claim that Andy Cohen is packaging the scripted series as a true reality show- misleading fans for the sake of ratings.

“What Bravo does it simple- if people speak about the show they have to pay $1 million  because of contracts they have signed,” Marchese says of the Housewives franchise. “I know my rights and I didn’t sign any such contract.”

Marchese went on to admit that fans of the hit show are completely mislead about the truth behind the scenes, where the housewives are nothing more than “actors” who are told to keep the storyline juicy or they could risk losing their jobs!

“The show is not about being liked, it’s about entertainment. For example, people aren’t in love with the actual Teresa Giudice, they are in love with the character she plays on TV,” dishes Marchese. “I think what Bravo is doing by endorsing Teresa’s actions are disgusting. The only thing that is real about her is her convictions. Nothing about the show is real, and people don’t understand that. Andy Cohen has claimed the show is not edited but it is completely fake! We are all actors!”

Marchese recently opened to All About The Tea, giving excerpts from this upcoming explosive tell all, “Putting The Real Back In Housewives,” where he will go into further detail about the fake story lines of the series.

“The purpose of this book is to blow the lid off the Housewives façade, and present a behind the scenes look at the Housewives franchise, as it has never been told before,” the reality star dished.

We can’t WAIT to get out hands on the upcoming tell all!

Jim Marchese Claims Real Housewives Is Fake! Get The Scoop!

What are your thoughts on the Jim Marchese claims Real Housewives is fake news? Do you see the franchise any differently after Marchese’s confession? Let us know what you think!