Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Shocker!

Posted on January 20th, 2016 at 12:19 pm
Still A Rumor Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez has one of the hottest and most talked about bodies in Hollywood. Yet, could the rumors that she has had work done be true?

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery- Did The Star Really Go Under The Knife?

According to the latest reports, JLo’s figure is looking as curvy as ever, and top medical doctors are attributing her flawless look to plastic surgery. Radar Online is claiming Lopez has definitely had her breasts done recently according to a top physician. "She's definitely had her breasts done and whoever did [it] should be congratulated for doing a fine job!" said New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, regarding the superstar’s perfect body. “She looks like she’s definitely on top of her game,” the physician added. The report goes on to claim that it’s easy to see how Jlo’s body has changed so significantly as the years have gone by. "Pictures from the last couple of years showed that her breasts and butt were really deflated and saggy," said Dr. Back. "That's normal for a mother of her age with two kids." The star’s latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live may prove how it’s easy to see her body's progress over the years, but trust us, we are NOT complaining! JLo can seriously do no wrong! The star is at the top of her game, starring in her own Las Vegas show, as well as her new NBC drama Shades Of Blue, and even appearing on the final season of American Idol. How does she even find the time keep her body so flawless?!

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery- Get The Latest Information!

What are your thoughts on the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery news? Do you think the star really went under the knife to keep her figure looking perfect? Let us know what you think!