EXCLUSIVE: Mia Isabella Molly O’Malia Statement!

Posted on January 5th, 2016 at 10:32 am
Exclusive Mia Isabella Molly O'Malia Statement RumorFix caught up with Mia Isabella, the beautiful transgender model who found herself at the center of a media storm surrounding an alleged relationship with Tyga, regarding her thoughts on the rapper's newest situation with 14-year-old, Molly O'Malia.

EXCLUSIVE: Mia Isabella Molly O'Malia Statement!

The model shows her true colors in the statement, sticking up for the young teenage girl, denouncing the media reports that accuse the young girl of initiating a relationship with the rapper. The statement given EXCLUSIVELY to RumorFix reads: How do you label a 14 year old girl an "alleged mistress."Think about that term for a second ... then look at your little sister or daughter or niece. Then take a moment to think about what that would mean as someone yelled it at her accusingly. Realizing the scarlet letter scarring and branding such a term is used for to spew hate and malice at a young woman. Then multiply that one hateful comment times 48 million people in the form of thousands of disgusting and judgemental comments daily. A young person, hell any person even some of the most famous public figures are not equipped to deal with such high levels of unfiltered scrutiny especially if it is unwarranted just because of irresponsible reporting. How can someone who has clearly stated she never met an individual and whose extent of contact was limited to a very few direct messages be labeled such a thing. This is someone's child and the issue is that an established publication violated her right to privacy as a private citizen and a minor without fact checking and without contacting or being given consent by her parental guardians to plaster their child across the media. A child is being slut shamed and sexualized by people hiding behind private profiles and private lives that face no repercussions for the mental and emotional scarring from their words and pointed fingers. You have no idea how traumatizing this kind of situation is and how harsh the stigma that is associated with it is, nobody should have to experience that least of all a young girl. She never accused him of anything illicit she simply stood up for herself against seemingly untrue accusations and I know what that's like, Ive been through it all before and still going through it as I write this. That takes a lot of guts to stand on the world stage like that and defend yourself so if nobody's told you yet Molly O'Malia I'm proud of you! If only everyone could be so brave." As RumorFix previously reported, OK! Magazine was the first to run the story, alleging that it was in fact O’Malia who initiated a relationship between herself and Tyga, which was eventually busted by Tyga’s current girlfriend, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner. Celebrity power attorney Gloria Allred put the publication on blast during a press conference in NYC, claiming they poorly portrayed the young model’s image, as she has been unfairly hounded after the story broke regarding her relationship with the rapper. The young model and singer claims it was Tyga who reached out to her initially via Instagram. Furthermore, Allred is claiming the two never in fact hooked up, despite what OK! Magazine is claiming.

EXCLUSIVE: Mia Isabella Molly O'Malia Statement! Get The Scoop!

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