Eddie Cibrian: Brandi Glanville Lies For Publicity

Posted on January 7th, 2016 at 9:16 am
True Brandi Glanville LiesEddie Cibrian is blasting his ex-wife and baby mama Brandi Glanville after she claimed earlier this week that Cibrian's now wife LeAnn Rimes posts of her children on social media just to make her jealous. During an interview with People, Cibrian stands up for Rimes, saying, "Brandi is lying. She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn't fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don't even talk!" A frustrated Eddie also quipped back at the belief that Glanville doesn't get to see the kids enough. "She sees the kids as much as I do. She was with them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I miss my kids tremendously when they're not with me, but I don't ask her not to post pictures," he told the outlet. "Brandi's play is to keep this going, and I'm shocked that the press still takes the bait," he adds. "It's unfortunate. She won't [leave us alone]. One day, I hope it all goes away, because it's been long enough." As a side note, Cibrian reveals his kids take quite kindly to LeAnn. "The kids have lived in a household with LeAnn and me longer than they ever lived in a household with me and Brandi. This is normal. They're well-adjusted," he continues. "But it saddens me that they can get on the Internet and get influenced by this negativity that only comes from one side. That's really disheartening."