Andy Dick Sober And Saving Lives

Posted on January 7th, 2016 at 9:40 am
Exclusive Andy Dick SoberAfter being in and out of rehab 13 different times, Andy Dick is finally sober once and for all. The comedian took to his personal Facebook page to pen an insightful post about his new lease on life thanks to his time at SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu, CA. "If Andy Dick can...anybody can," the 50-year-old begins (and we agree!). The funnyman continues, "I'm talking about sobriety. Look, I don't think I've ever written a long, heartfelt facebook post in my life. God knows I rarely read them, but I need to do this. I have over a year sober now. To be exact: 1.12 years, or 13.48 months, or 411 days, or 9,858 hours, however you want to count it. Looks like I'm almost at the 10,000 hour watermark which supposedly makes me an 'expert.' In what? Recovery? Sobriety? Who knows?" Dick reveals he owes his sobriety to SOBA and its CEO and founder Greg Hannley. "All I do know is I could not have done this without Greg Hannley and SOBA Recovery Center. They saved my life when almost everyone, except my kids and baby mama, had given up on me. I had even given up on myself. I'm no stranger to getting sober. Everyone knows how to do it: you stop drinking and stop using drugs. Simple. It's that damn follow-through that is so hard! So, if you or someone you love is having a hard time with drugs and/or alcohol, keep reading. Man, I sound like one of those lame addiction center commercials. In a way, this is a little like that because I am now in the awesome position to help people. I have the rare opportunity to save lives. I mean we all really do." Andy continues, "Here's how I want to help: If you are having trouble stopping by yourself, and want support, call SOBA Recovery Center and use me as a reference. I'm not f*cking kidding. By using my name, they will work with you to get you into treatment immediately, no matter what your current situation is. And they take insurance. Even if I've never met you, or I don't know you personally, I consider you a friend for following me wink emoticon So please take advantage of this. For you, or a family member or friend! And no, I do not get some kind of percentage for referring people. I get the joy of knowing that my personal struggle with drugs and alcohol was not all for nothing. And believe me, no matter how bad it seems right now, I get it! And I can help. So get in here! Because by the way, I still live in the 'sober living' portion of SOBA Recovery Center, so when you get here, I'll be here to help! Thank you for reading this, and I love you! Love, Andy Dick (do it now)." Congratulations, Andy! RumorFix has always believed in you -- we knew you could do it!