Who Is Nick Cannon Dating?

Posted on December 9th, 2015 at 9:31 am
True Nick Cannon DatingJust because his ex-wife Mariah Carey has moved on with her life doesn't mean Nick Cannon is ready to hit up the dating game quite yet. "I don’t know I’m not ready for all that," the actor tells Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on Wednesday's show. "Yes, you are," Ellen retorts. "I’m not. You going to hook me up with somebody, Ellen?" he replies. Nick continues, "I’m not ready to do anything seriously especially because I’m really trying to make sure I can establish being in my kids life and working. I’m always so busy so if I’m not working they’re my number one priority." "Right, so just booty calls is what you’re saying?" DeGeneres jokes. "No, I’m being celibate I’m trying to work on myself. No sex right now. You saw the movie."

Who Is Nick Cannon Dating? 'No One!' Says The Star

And since his split from the superstar singer, Cannon admits they've done a pretty good job at co-parenting. "We make the kids the number one priority for them to see their parents together and for everybody to get along and have a great time," he says. "It’s all about unconditional love. And knowing because they were so young this is kind of what they know. And they know Mommy and Daddy still love each other, but more importantly they love us."