Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici Divorce Rumors False!

Posted on December 4th, 2015 at 10:44 am
Fixed Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici DivorceAre the Sean Lowe Catherin Giudici divorce rumors true? That's the gossip going around town since the duo decided to sign on for a season of Marriage Boot Camp -- a reality TV show that helps couples work out their differences. But Catherine and Sean, who got married on The Bachelor, seem like the perfect married couple, right? While they're stint on season four of the hit reality show may have some people scratching their heads, Sean explained in his blog the real reason for appearing on the series, and it has nothing to do with divorce! Lowe explained, "I still wasn’t on board, but they had my attention. I went home that afternoon and shared everything that transpired with Catherine. To my surprise, she was much more open-minded than I was about the whole idea. This came as a surprise to me because Catherine never gives much consideration to money (it’s one of her best traits). 'It might make our marriage even stronger,' she said. 'And the money will be a blessing too.'" While that's all the information we've gathered from Sean himself, one source tells RadarOnline that the duo actually joined the show because they're looking to expand their family, and thought some counseling would do them some good before bringing a baby into the world. "They just went on the show because they want to start a family. And before they do that, they wanted to make sure that any unspoken or unforeseen issues that would come up, would be handled and be gotten through before they bring a new baby into the world. It was a preventative and strengthening measure and that’s it."