Is Yolanda Foster Broke?

Posted on December 8th, 2015 at 10:47 am
Still A Rumor Yolanda Foster Broke2016 isn't looking too hopeful for Yolanda Foster. After a divorce from ex-husband David Foster reports have surfaced that the reality star is facing financial troubles. Alleged insiders close to the situation tell RadarOnline that Yolanda's money woes have gotten so bad that she's had to reach out to her wealthy ex husband Mohammad Hadid for support. “Yolanda has been holed up in the condo and is very unhappy. David hasn’t lived there for weeks, and she is absolutely miserable. The condo is in a luxury building, but Yolanda hates it," one source says of Foster, who recently downgraded from a mansion to a Malibu beach house (boo-hoo). “The only income Yolanda currently has is from her ex-husband, Mohammad Hadid and he is no longer obligated to give her any support. Out of the goodness of Mohammad’s heart, he is helping out the mother of his three children.” The only real source of income she has coming in is her paycheck from Bravo -- so she's trying to hold on to her gig at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for as long as humanly possible! “She is vowing to get as healthy as possible, and quickly. She needs the paycheck because of the impending divorce," dishes the insider.