How Did Steve Harvey Mess Up Miss Universe?

Posted on December 21st, 2015 at 12:46 pm
Exclusive steve-harvey-apology-2Nearly 24 hour later and people are still scratching their heads at Steve Harvey's major pageant blunder after crowning the wrong woman Miss Universe. Harvey, who served as the host at the annual event on Sunday night, famously announced Miss Colombia as the winner, when in actuality it was Miss Philippines. But everyone's wondering how did Steve Harvey mess up such a simple task? All he had to do was look down at his note cards and read off who the winner was, right? After all, Steve does read from cards hosting Family Feud for a living...right?! No. The idea that Steve Harvey reads off cards on his game show is a "common misconception," so says a source who used to work on Family Feud with Harvey. "Those cards are actually blank," our set snitch reveals to RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY. So, we're supposed to believe that the cards Steve holds on TV have nothing written on them?! YES...says our production insider, insisting that Steve is "unable to keep track of them during filming."

How Did Steve Harvey Mess Up: Host Not Used To Reading Off Note Cards During Filming

"Each word he says is meticulously spoken to him through his earpiece from the control room -- he just repeats what people in the control room tells him," our source tells us. So, that sort of explains things, doesn't it? If Steve isn't used to reading off the cards, then we aren't surprised that he flubbed up -- Our insider says Harvey "most likely got thrown off" by the "1st" in "1st runner up" which was written on last night's cards. All that aside -- another question everyone continues to keep pondering is -- if it was an obvious mistake to everyone backstage, why the heck did it take two full minutes for Harvey to come out and announce the mishap? Well, set sources reveal to RumorFix that the whole backstage crew were understandably sent into a frantic frenzy, and there was even talk of letting the mistake slide -- meaning Colombia would keep the crown with the hopes that the public would never find out.