Caitlyn Jenner Transforming Back To Bruce?

Posted on December 16th, 2015 at 9:59 am
Fixed Caitlyn Jenner Transforming BackIs Caitlyn Jenner transforming back to Bruce Jenner? According to a story in the new issue of Star magazine, yes! But according to a very reliable RumorFix source, nope! Despite the salacious claim, the transgender athlete "does not want to be Bruce" again, so says our family insider. The gossip rag went on to claim that Jenner had began“questioning her decision to change her body — and life — so drastically" and is therefore “seriously thinking about reversing the transition process and becoming a man again.” “Caitlyn wanted to be a woman her whole life, but now that it’s happened, she’s disappointed," the alleged source goes on to spout. The tabloid’s “insider” claims, “She wanted to know what being a woman was like, and now that she’s become one, she misses the old Bruce, who didn’t spend hours getting glammed up every single day," further adding that Jenner may be just a “confused cross-dresser and never truly trans.” But if Jenner were to transition back to Bruce, she “may have to give back the Glamour Woman of the Year Award she won,” and has already “confessed to some members of her family that she’s considering becoming Bruce again.” But despite the offensive story line, RumorFix can reveal that the rumor is just that -- a rumor! So, don't keep an eye out for good ole' Bruiser because he ain't comin' back!