Brandi Glanville To Lisa Vanderpump: Block My Number & Move The F*ck On!

Posted on December 29th, 2015 at 1:02 pm
Exclusive Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump text Brandi Glanville made headlines this week after a cryptic text she sent to Lisa Vanderpump was leaked online. But now the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is giving her side of the story, explaining to RumorFix's Erin Humphrey EXCLUSIVELY the true meaning behind the text. Lisa threw a party this week at Pump and during the soiree she received a text message from Glanville that said, "Merry Christmas vanderC*nt and yes i am having my moment 🙂 AND it’s amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha.” Lisa saw this as an opportunity to put Brandi on blast and shared the mean message with TMZ, all while claiming that the text was Brandi being hateful about the death of her beloved dog, Daddio. Vanderpump told the gossip site, “It’s sad to have that much hatred in your heart especially at this time of year. Our lil Daddio meant the world to us. Anyway, happy Christmas.” But here's where the twist comes in -- Brandi insists to RumorFix that her text had nothing to do with the death of Daddio, rather, she was only defending herself against all the horrible digs Lisa has taken at Brandi during the current season of RHOBH. Brandi, who is no longer on the show and thus is not there to defend herself against Lisa's jabs, tells us, "There have only been three episodes of RHOBH thus far and in each of them either Lisa or Ken has taken a dig at me. I am not on the show to defend myself and I didn’t feel a need to put it on Twitter and make it a public thing but I did feel the need to let her know how I felt about it. Last year when we shot RHOBH together I did not know her to have a dog named Daddio at all," Brandi explains, adding that there is no way she would have known about the dog since she "doesn't check in on her [Lisa's] life" anymore.

Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump Text War Explained!

Having grown sick and tired of Vanderpump's "constant ridiculing," Glanville explains she had finally had it when "I was wrapping presents and heard yet another dig she decided to take on me on the show so I decided to text her." Daddio aside, what's with the "Karma's a b*tch" comment? Brandi explains to us, "I happen to still be very close with everyone that works at RHOBH and I know that Lisa has been complaining up a storm about the backlash she is receiving for not believing and questioning Yolanda Foster's illness. When I texted her I was referring to her having her moment and people finally getting to see her for who she is. I said Karma is a bitch or is it a Vanderc*nt," she says, further explaining, "Lisa is distraught over her backlash and needs public sympathy so she is making up this story claiming that I wrote the text [to be hateful about the death of her dog Daddio] -- a dog that I didn’t even know existed." Brandi continues, "As far as calling her Vanderc*nt, I always have, even when we were friends. She didn’t like it and said if it stuck she was going to kill me. She made sure the show did not air me calling her that in the playful way that I did." Glanville adds, "She is pretending that she has never heard me say Vanderc*nt before which I have been saying for three years now so this really comes as zero shock to her." And rather than starting a Twitter war for all to see, Brandi at least had the decency to air her aggression towards Lisa via a private text message. "I texted this to her so that not to start a public war but she lives for press and apparently, although distraught over her pets death, she was out at a party and showing everyone the text I sent her and did what any mature person would do and called TMZ immediately so that she could play the victim and vilify me." "Anyone that knows me knows that I rescue dogs and help find homes for them and would never make fun of an animal passing," Brandi further states, adding, "Lisa is simply trying to gain sympathy and make me look like the bad guy when she is the one constantly taking digs at me on national television." While the text turned into something bigger than Brandi had anticipated, the mother-of-two is keeping her chin up while trying to focus on her family and future. She tells RumorFix, "I am happy as I just finished a new show for E! that will air in the spring called Famously Single where people will get to see a more well-rounded side of me (but yes, still a little foul mouth and unfiltered), and I am busy working in the beginning stages of starting my next project. Life is good and my kids are healthy and happy!" The model-turned-reality star concludes, "Lisa needs to take responsibility for what she says and stop throwing other people under the bus in order to garnish sympathy. And if she doesn't want me in her life then she needs to stop talking about me so much block my number and move the f**k on because I will always defend myself."