Perez Hilton’s Theatre Debut-From L.A. To The Main Stage!

Posted on November 10th, 2015 at 8:55 am
Exclusive Perez Hilton's Theatre Debut If there is one thing Perez Hilton doesn’t lack, it’s motivation and an intrepid attitude, and his newest acting venture in the new Full House! The Musical play in Toronto and New York City is proving just that. RumorFix had the opportunity to catch up with Perez EXCLUSIVELY as he dished on the exciting new play! “I’m having so much fun for so many reasons, but the first one is that we’re not doing a musical of Full House, were doing a parody of Full House,” said Perez. "So I’m not playing Danny Tanner, and I’m not playing Bob Saget, I’m playing a weird alternate reality version of both of those people. It’s a heightened reality- it’s super silly, raunchy, adult, funny, over the top humor.” Sounds amazing to us! The “Queen Of All Media” went on to dish about his role in the play, which he was happy to announce just got extended! “What’s especially fun for me about it is that my character goes on a really intense journey. It starts off at pretty close to the person that you might recognize from the TV show, and then things happened by act two, he’s completely changed, he’s no longer Danny Tanner, and he’s some version of Bob Saget, which is VERY different from the loving nurturing TV dad that’s portrayed on Full House, so I get to go on this really fun journey every night!”

Perez Hilton's Theatre Debut- "I did It For Me"

Now who WOULDN’T want to see a twisted Full House comedy of a Danny Tanner/ Bob Saget hybrid played by none other than Perez!? Hilton attributes his ability to effortless play the character to the fact that he is a father himself, coupled with the fact that he has an over the top personality. “I’ve tapped into a lot of me in this show and I know people are enjoying it and that’s really rewarding.” When asked why took the roll in the Full House play, Perez said he took the part mainly due to the fact that he wanted to do something for himself- as he is always looking for ways to reinvent his career in whichever ways possible- pushing himself to the limits while keeping everyone surprised. “I did it for me. I didn’t care if people enjoyed it but the fact that people are makes it better,” dished Perez. “I’m all about being honest. I knew this show would be getting me a lot of publicity. I’m not doing it for the paycheck, I’m doing it for the publicity and I did it because I knew it would be a good investment of my time- I knew it would be fun and it has been fun.” Clearly Perez knows a thing or two about reinventing himself while at the same time maintaining his media empire. The star admits that he wants people to see a different side of him while on stage, not the man behind one of the most visited websites in the world, rather, as simply an actor! “People are maybe not used to seeing me in this light or seen other things that I have done in the acting world. So it’s just meant to be what it is, I am an actor and this is me acting!”

Perez Hilton's Theatre Debut! RumorFix Exclusive!

I mean hopefully people can forget that it’s Perez Hilton playing these parts,” The Full House star continued continued. “Hopefully they just see me as another actor.” Clearly, the Full House Musical is making headlines, and with a talent like Perez attached to the cast, it is surely to keep filling seats in New York! When asked if there was is a chance that the show might make an appearance in Los Angeles, Perez said, “anything is possible!” Aside from managing both his radio show, the Full House play, and website, Perez says his podcast has given him the opportunity to really get in depth with all things pop culture, while at the same time connecting more with his readers. “I love doing the podcast because like social media, it gives me the ability to also show a lot of myself, and also, really just present what I do in a completely different way, because the website and the radio that I do now, is so quick. The podcast really allows me to go in depth with all pop culture. Not just celebrity, but anything that’s trending, whatever that may be!” You can catch Perez’s podcast at Play.IT/Perez, and you can also subscribe on ITunes to the Perez Hilton podcast!

Perez Hilton's Theatre Debut! Get The Scoop!

We can’t wait to see what new and exciting project Perez has in store! If you have had a chance to catch The Full House play in NYC, let us know what you think!