Lamar Odom Update: Can’t Walk On His Own

Posted on November 24th, 2015 at 10:10 am
True Lamar Odom UpdateLamar Odom update on his health: sources are now revealing that the troubled star is "far from recovered" after being discovered unconscious at a Nevada brothel in October. Since initially being deprived of oxygen following several strokes, the 36-year-old is experiencing severe struggles in the cognitive department. "Lamar has made some progress, but his cognitive impairment is making life very challenging." The former NBA baller is unable to walk by himself and can hardly communicate verbally.

Lamar Odom Update: Not Positive

"Lamar won't likely leave the hospital for a long time," an insider close to the situation tells People magazine. "And when he does, he will need full time care. He can't take care of himself." But despite his setbacks, the source says Odom is "a fighter who works hard every day." The pal adds, "With Khloe in his life, Lamar is very lucky. She has been amazing." "Lamar has serious longterm and lasting issues. His life will never be the same as it once was," says the source. Basically, expect a very long road ahead for Lamar Odom.