Kate Major Caught On Video Admitting She Lied About Michael Lohan Abuse Claims

Posted on November 4th, 2015 at 2:23 pm
Exclusive Michael Lohan is being accused of beating Kate Major and their children- and RumorFix has obtained an EXCLUSIVE video taken by Lohan where Kate acknowledges that he never struck her or the kids. In the clip, Major can clearly be heard admitting that Lohan had never laid a hand on her or the kids, and that she had made up the story completely in order tarnish his image. 8 Photos Of Linday Lohan's BIKINI Wedgie! Lohan tells RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY that he is now filing a police report against Kate for filing a false report. "They're trying to create a scenario where I hit you to take the kids away," Lohan can be heard saying in the video. "You can hear like a slap or choking or something, there was a scream or something, that’s what they're trying to say, but you can’t assume that!”  The original report ran by TMZ claims there was an explosive fight between the couple which was caught on video, and that was proof enough for their children to be taken away by child protective services. In the video, Kate can clearly be heard refuting the claims, saying all she cares about are her children. 10 Super Sexy Photos Of Lindsay Lohan In A Teeny Bikini! “No I didn’t say that! It’s sick,” Major can be heard admitting to Lohan in the video. “All I care about are my kids!” Michael Lohan and Kate Major's tumultuous relationship have officially taken a toll on their family of four.

Michael Lohan Abuse Claims Are False!

While the infamous couple are known for their arguments, this time it's more than just a little tiff between the two -- the couple's children have been taken away from them by the Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) and placed into foster care after social workers obtained a video showing MiLo and Kate in a "blowout fight" in front of sons Landon, 2, and Logan, 10-months. But Michael tells RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY that he's a good father and that his estranged baby mama is 100% to blame for this devastating circumstance he's been put in. PHOTOS Of Linday's Super Skinny And Bruised Legs Lohan gives RumorFix the play-by-play on what really went down the night of the "blowout" fight. "Let's see. What's wrong with this picture," Lindsay Lohan's father begins, "Kate went to jail for DWI and Michael raised Landon on his own for 8 months." "Kate gets out of jail, gives birth to Logan, relapsed on alcohol, assaults Michael, Kate goes to rehab, Michael raises Landon and Logan on his own and has full custody. The court makes Kate live separately and have supervised visitation." PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan's Boob Pops Out In Wardrobe Malfunction! "[Kate] gets out of rehab, relapses on alcohol and goes into detox." "Kate goes to Michael's house while he and the kids are at a water park, Michael returns home and Kate is drunk, Michael and Kate have a verbal altercation and Michael tells her to leave."

Did Michael Lohan Abuse Kate Major And Their Children? So False!

Michael insists he's a solid dad who takes complete care of his kids. "The children have all medical needs up to date, they are enrolled in private school and daycare, all dental needs are met and they are well taken care of." The unfortunate outcome? A defeated-feeling Michael vents to RumorFix, explaining, "Kate AND MICHAEL lose custody of Landon and Logan, both have supervised visitation and the kids have to live with Michael's mother in Michael's house." "WHY?" Michael asks..."Because the court says Michael failed to protect the kids by allowing Kate in the house, and they had a verbal argument in front of the children because Michael told Kate to leave." The distraught father then goes on to explain that, in the last two years, he's been sober, free of assault charges, and also maintains a steady income of $240,000 -- all of which has been "provided to the court," he insists. The couple attended a court hearing to fight for custody of their two kids on Tuesday but got shut down by the judge. Landon and Logan are currently in the custody of Michael's mother.