Heather Morris Is Having A Baby Boy!

Posted on November 7th, 2015 at 11:44 am
True Heather Morris Is Having A Baby Boy! Heather Morris Is Having A Baby Boy! The former Glee star has revealed the sex of her second child. Speaking to E! News she revealed: "I'm having a boy."  

And the actress explained that her son Elijah is not quite sure what is going on with his mom.

"He doesn't really understand the concept. I think he just thinks I'm getting a big tummy," she revealed.

"He's really cute around babies and baby dolls and I adore it. He's really excited to have somebody to play with because he's at that age where he's active and wants to do stuff."

And Heather claims she understands her body a lot better the second time around as she prepares for her next child with husband Taylor Hubbell.

She added: "I don't really have a lot of cravings this time. Just trying to eat really healthy. I'm kind of aware of what my body's going through and what to expect and just more prepared and just being more body conscious, exercising and fit and ready.

"I go on the treadmill and take Pilates like once a week to make sure I'm staying in shape."

And despite being pregnant she is determined to continue to work hard.

She added: "Working moms are the best kind! They're so thankful and humble to have time with their children."

Congratulations to Heather and her family!

Heather Morris Is A Baby Boy!