Cynthia Bailey On Peter Thomas Cheating Video

Posted on November 11th, 2015 at 8:00 am
True Peter Thomas Cheating VideoWhile we all thoroughly enjoyed The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere on Sunday night, show star Cynthia Bailey may beg to differ. The inaugural episode was super tough for the reality star, and understandably so! Viewers watched on as Cynthia came head to head with her husband Peter as video surfaced showing him being unfaithful. While we only got to see what unfolded on television, Cynthia has taken to her Bravo blog to further explain the matter. “It was extremely difficult dealing with the video of Peter. No woman (or man for that matter) expects (or hopes) to see her or his spouse appear to be cheating or having an indiscretion in a video. Especially one that has gone viral! How would one prepare for this? I was confused, shocked, hurt, and humiliated at the same time. Then I just became pissed at Peter for his recklessness, in consideration, and carelessness. Of course, I let Peter have it. I was furious! Peter and I are in the public eye, so in addition to dealing with this personally, I had to deal with it publicly as well. I had to dig deep, and ask myself a lot of heavy questions about my relationship and whether or not it would survive.”

Peter Thomas Cheating Video Exposed On RHOA

During the premiere, Cynthia also bashed her hubby, claiming she isn’t attracted to him with his clothes off. Cynthia explains her comments, saying, “When Peter and I first met, I was attracted to everything about him. However, his confidence really stood out. He was handsome, successful, funny, smart, and sexy. He owned all of it. I have always been more attracted to my husband’s mind than his body. When my sister Malorie asked me if I was still attracted to Peter with his clothes off, she was referring to him physically, not sexually. My honest answer was no. For me, physical attraction and sexual attraction are two different subjects, and one has nothing to do with the other.” Cynthia goes on to say, “At the time of Malorie’s visit, the video had just come out, we were dealing with the stress of other martial issues, and Peter had packed on some unwanted pounds. Is it possible to be sexually attracted to someone and not be physically attracted to them? Physical attraction is important in any marriage or relationship, but it is only one of many factors that will keep a healthy relationship together. I think men hold women to a much higher standard when it comes to physical attraction. Most women love from more of an emotional and spiritual connection that usually goes beyond the physical. This is an issue that a lot of women can relate to but are not comfortable talking about out loud.”