Angelina Jolie Cancer Rumor Not True!

Posted on November 4th, 2015 at 3:04 pm
Fixed Angelina Jolie CancerAngelina Jolie cancer rumor is not true, despite tabloid reports of the contrary! A new salacious post in The National Enquirer claims the A-List actress could be put in an "early grave" as she's facing a “terrifying new cancer drama.” But a source close to the situation tell RumorFix the rumor is just that -- a rumor! The gossip rag claims Angelina Jolie is facing "a terrifying new cancer drama," despite undergoing grueling preventive surgeries like her double mastectomy in 2013. The National Enquirer alleges the procedures has taken too much of a toll on her body and pushed the Hollywood superstar into an early menopause. PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie's Unfortunate Makeup Job “Angie thought she was doing the right, responsible thing, but now she faces a whole new set of dire consequences,” a supposed "family insider" told the mag, adding that experts informed the actress that she's "significantly increased the odds for early death."

Angelina Jolie Cancer Drama? So False!

Another alleged source goes on to tell the tabloid that husband Bratt Pitt is worried sick about Jolie, who “weighs 83 pounds,” and will “sometimes go a whole day without eating a solid meal," adds the insider. "[She] sleeps until late afternoon because she’s so worn out. Friends worry that her time’s nearly up!” This isnt the first time Jolie has made headlines for being "near death."  In August, RumorFix debunked a salacious report by the supermarket tabloid that Jolie was "on the verge of death" after she "refused to eat and has deteriorated to a mere 83 pounds.” An insider dished to the National Enquirer at the time that the A-Lister’s situation is “so grave husband Brad Pitt and their six children fear she will be dead within a few years. Angie is driving herself to an early grave. She looks like a walking corpse.” The tabloid even went as far as to claim Jolie “may still face a cancer battle” despite having gone through a double mastectomy in 2013. “Angie seems to be flirting with death,” the snitch spills, adding, “Friends worry that she could have as little as two years left to live,” and Angie’s kids are so worried that they “asked Brad if Mommy is going to die.” But is the actress really knocking at death’s door? A source close to the star tells RumorFix there’s not a shred of truth to the story, and that Angelina is perfectly healthy at this time.