Steve Harvey Adult Diapers? See The Photos!

Posted on October 26th, 2015 at 11:58 am

Steve Harvey Adult DiapersSteve Harvey Adult Diapers Rumor Is Not True!

It must be a slow news day for the folks over at MediaTakeOut, because they just came up with one of the most outrageous accusations to date! The hip-hop gossip blog took to their laptops this morning to claim that Steve Harvey has recently been sporting "adult diapers." Their proof? A completely normal photo of Steve Harvey minding his own business! MTO insists that, in the photographs, the morning talk show host is donning a particularly peculiar "bulge" -- but not that kind of bulge, so says the site! "There Is A Picture Of STEVE HARVEY On Instagram . . . And They Say . . . He’s Wearing ADULT DIAPERS!! (Oh My Goodness . . . #Depends)" blares MTO's story headline, while further adding within the content of the post, "[Steve] was photoed out this weekend . . . and there was a very ODD looking buldge [sic] in his pants. No not THAT kind of buldge [sic]. Folks are saying that he could be wearing ADULT DIAPERS." PREVIOUS: This Steve Harvey Story Will Make You Cry

Steve Harvey Adult Diapers? So False!

The site then goes on to ask its readers, "What do you think???" We'll tell you what we think, MTO...we think y'all are a bunch of haters that put others down just for the sake of driving traffic to your website! Sources close to the 58-year-old star tell RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY that Harvey definitely does not "depend on Depends." And besides, even if he did -- so what! Celebrities are human too...let's not forget that! #SMH