Meghan King Edmonds: Brooks Ayers Lying Sack Of Baloney

Posted on October 26th, 2015 at 9:15 am
True Brooks Ayers LyingThis is a celebrity feud that just keeps going, and going. While Brooks Ayers continues to give interview after interview about his cancer, insisting he isn't faking the disease, Meghan King Edmonds still isn't buying it. Meghan called out Ayers during an appearance on Reality Checked podcast, where the reality star complains, “He’s such a lying sack of baloney. He’s very talented at one thing, and that’s being a con man. And, I think, con men are really good at telling lies, apparently they are I guess because I watch Brooks, and he seems believable." Edmonds continues, "Whenever he talks, he seems believable. It’s just…when is it going to stop? Why are you going [and] running to the press and asking them to run this lie? I mean, don’t you have any pride left? Apparently not. It just blows my mind.” FIXERS, whose side are YOU on?