Meet The Real Tyler Carter Of Issues

Posted on October 1st, 2015 at 9:10 am
Exclusive Tyler Carter Of Issues 23-year-old Tyler Carter is the front man for the band Issues, and if you don’t know his name already- this is why you should. Issues, an alternative rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has been turning heads ever since they released their first self-titled album in February of 2014. Although the band’s sound definitely has a hard rock edge, Carter’s vocals set the band apart from anything else in rock music today. This may be a bold statement, but Carters mesmerizing voice speaks for itself. RumorFix had the chance to catch up with Carter, fresh off of a tour in Japan, as the singer dished on everything from his coming out story, to what his fans can expect from him as he takes some time off of the band to focus on his solo career.

Meet The Real Tyler Carter Of Issues

Aside from his amazing voice, Carter made headlines after speaking out against Nashville’s music venue and youth center Rockettown, after an employee was allegedly fired for wearing a “I Support Same Sex Marriage” t-shirt. “I’m disgusted by the situation, and being bisexual I don’t feel welcome playing Rockettown, but I’m going to play for the fans and them only!” Carter said on his twitter page. When asked about his coming out, in a music genre dominated by homophobia, Carter says he does not regret a thing- as it only has only made him stronger.

Meet The Real Tyler Carter Of Issues- Get The Scoop On His Upcoming Solo Career!

“I think that day for me was more than coming out to my fans. I don't know if I actually did it so that I could finally let everyone in, but it was kind of like... if I tell the whole world, then I will finally be forcing myself to tell my family,” said Carter. “And more importantly - that day, I learned not to care about what the industry thinks or what people think. I kind of "stuck it to the man" in a way. I broke all chains of being held down to an industry standard or following any type of criteria, and it traveled way beyond just sexuality or image. “It went deep into music and creative integrity too. my fans were very supportive, and it's only helped me be more open and real with the world since then. That has brought more respect.” If respect was what Carter was looking for, he has garnered all that and more. The Singer’s 440,000 social media followers have stood by him every step of the way, and although his band Issues is gearing up for their new albums debut, it’s Carter’s solo work that has everyone talking. Drawing musical influence from artists such as Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly and Brandi Norwood, Carter is ready to take on a new, more R&B influenced style of music that clearly showcases his vocal talents. “I think I'm going to take some time away from Issues after this tour, while our record is being planned for release and work on a new solo record. I want to utilize my time off from touring to figure out what the next step is for Tyler Carter,” said the singer.

Meet The Real Tyler Carter Of Issues- 'I Do This For My Fans' 

“Issues will have a new record out soon and I will have time to collaborate with some hip-hop artists and hopefully chase a few shelved dreams that are getting dusty. Ha! “I just want my fans to feel something when they listen to my songs. To see a story in the same the way you feel captivated by a good movie. I want them to feel a sense of reality and have the motivation to get up and make moves in life. Not just sit around waiting to die, but to truly spend your time living large in your own way." Tyler Carter is surely a name to know in 2015, as his musical influence has already reached millions of fans. This young and driven musician isn’t going anywhere, that much we can assure you.