Lamar Odom Suffered A Dozen Strokes!

Posted on October 24th, 2015 at 8:52 am
True Lamar Odom Suffered A Dozen Strokes Former basketball star Lamar Odom suffered a dozen strokes during his drugs binge, it has been revealed. TMZ is reporting that the former Los Angeles Laker now faces an extremely difficult recovery route after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. And after suffering so many strokes fears are growing over how well his motor skills will have been damaged. Doctors treating Odom performed a series of brain scans on the former pro-athlete and discovered all the strokes. According to reports his vital organs were not impacted but he may have trouble communicating and walking in the future. He faces months of physical therapy before it is known how well he will be able to recover or how much damage has been done. One of the main concerns is that his kidneys have failed -- at present he is receiving dialysis, however, he may need a transplant too. Odom is now back in Los Angeles, where is making a lot of  progress, after getting treatment at a hospital in Las Vegas following his four day bender. And as he continues to get support from family and friends his fans have been backing him also -- with some taking to social media to offer their kidneys to the former basketball star.

One said: "I need Lamar to pull through this. Willing to donate a kidney if it will help. PLEASE."

Let's hope their donations will NOT be needed.

Lamar Odom suffered a dozen strokes.