Emma Roberts Friends Used To Be Fake

Posted on October 19th, 2015 at 8:13 am
True Emma Roberts FriendsEmma Roberts is getting candid! While the Scream Queens star plays quite the unfriendly drama queen on the hit Fox series, the A-List actress is insisting to Teen Vogue that she's not like that in real life, and that she's been able to create quite the solid group of friends through the show. "Shooting down here is like summer camp with all of us…. We’re always texting each other; we pick each other up for work; we go get pizza or coffee together. It doesn’t feel like I’m just going to work every morning," Emma dishes to the publication. Roberts continues, "I’m finally at a point in my life where I feel like I have the group of friends that I always dreamed of having that I know I can support and trust and that make me feel confident." But the American Horror Story star admits she hasn't always had the best of luck in the friendship department. "When I was a teenager I was surrounding myself with friends who were talking behind everyone’s back and starting drama,” Emma says, adding, "People do get competitive and fake, and it didn’t make me feel good…. I think it’s hard for any girl growing up—you definitely find out who your friends are." And it's not just her friendships that are going well for the star, her career is also on point right now as well. "Every day I go home and feel very accomplished," she admits. "A lot of times you go home from work and think, Oh, I should have done this differently. I’m just trying to live every day and not wish I had done something differently." Good for you, Emma!