Bethenny Frankel Quitting Real Housewives of New York?

Posted on October 1st, 2015 at 11:01 am
Still A Rumor Bethenny Frankel Quitting Real Housewives of New YorkIs Bethenny Frankel quitting Real Housewives of New York?! While we wish this wasn't the case, the reality star hinted at that very fact during a recent interview with People. 19 Amazing Photos of Bethenny In a TINY Bikini! Bethenny, who made a dramatic and unexpected return to RHONY for season eight, told the outlet that she's unsure that she'll remain on the hit Bravo show. “I’m weighing a bunch of different opportunities and deciding how I want to spend my time. I never want to go back to that place I was at a couple years ago where it was just non-stop. I felt like I was on a ride, and I wanted to get off," the Bravolebrity said referring to her past negative experiences on the show. PHOTOS: BIKINI Clad Bethenny Frankel Flirts With A Hot Young Man!

Bethenny Frankel Quitting Real Housewives of New York: True Or False?

And while she's still uncertain of her return, the mother-of-one admits she absolutely loved coming back to reality TV after a three season hiatus. “I’m really glad I came back. It was great. It was eerily great. I appreciated being myself, being honest and commenting on the things I think are ridiculous. [Having that] be my job is pretty awesome.” PHOTOS: Bethenny Frankel Is A Surfing Pro! “The fans were really happy that I was back,” Bethenny revealed. “I felt very embraced. Leaving for three seasons and coming back had some pressure attached to it, so I’m through that now.” And while most viewers have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Frankel back on as a full-time Housewife, the star has come under some harsh criticism with her return to the show. Just a few months back Bethenny came under fire after rumors started that she was receiving special privileges on the editing end of things after her fellow RHONY cast mates insinuated that she gets editorial approval over her scenes before episodes air. But Bravo’s Andy Cohen was quick to set the record straight, telling fans of the show that the rumor couldn’t be further from the truth, insisting Frankel has “no warning” over the content, even when she acts “like a beast.” “She gets the episode when everyone else does,” Cohen told Page Six. “We send the Housewives the episodes the week before. She has absolutely no say. I’ve said to [Bethenny] this season, ‘Oh, you’re not going to like X, Y or Z. You look like a beast!’ But she has nothing to do with editing, she has no knowledge of what’s going to be in the episodes, she has no warning.” “Trust me, there are times, not from [Bethenny] but from certain Housewives saying, ‘Please can you change this?’ ” stated Cohen. “And they know we never change the episodes. They are as they are.” FIXERS, what do you think about Bethenny Frankel quitting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Will you miss her? Sound off in the comments below!