Why Did Justin Bieber Cry At The VMA’S?

Posted on September 3rd, 2015 at 11:38 am
True Why Did Justin Bieber Cry Justin Bieber is finally opening up on why he broke down in tears after his VMA performance. When Fallon asked what it was that brought him to tears during a taping of the Tonight Show, Bieber said: "It was so overwhelming for me, everything—just the performance. I missed some cues, so I was a little disappointed at that, and just everyone and just their support.” "I was, honestly—let me breathe for a second—I just wasn't expecting them to support me in the way they did. Last time I was at an awards show, I was booed." After all of the trouble and bad publicity Bieber has found himself in over the past few years, this is definitely a side of the star that hasn’t really been seen before. "I think it's just like I've worked so hard at this album, I've worked so hard at just becoming the man I want to become, and then stepping into situations, you just can't help but feel judged," the "What Do You Mean?" singer continued. "So, I was just feeling judged and wanting to win so badly, and just wanting to do what I love so badly that I just put everything on the line. And I think that that was what was so special about the emotional moment at the end, that it was authentic. It was real. It was like I was really just wanting it so bad. I don't know. I'm just ranting now."

Why Did Justin Bieber Cry At The VMA'S?

In one of the most candid interviews we have ever seen from Bieber, the star candidly even touched upon his past run ins with law. "What it was is that I had a bunch of knuckleheads around me; that was pretty much it. [It's] never good to have knuckleheads around.” Why Did Justin Bieber Cry At The VMA's- Photos- See Bieber Strip On Stage! “I just went through a place of just trying to figure it out and making decisions. You have to figure out what you're OK with and you're not OK with, but you have to test the waters. I just happened to be in the spotlight, in front of cameras all the time, and they caught all those moments." We’re glad to see how much Bieber has really grown up recently!