Patrick Meagher Stassi Schroeder Break Up Not True

Posted on September 16th, 2015 at 9:40 am
Fixed Patrick Meagher Stassi Schroeder break upPatrick Meagher Stassi Schroeder break up rumors are not true, according to the former Vanderpump Rules star herself! Schroeder used her new podcast Straight Up With Stassi to set the record straight on rumors that she was moving to New York City after her beau kicked her to the curb. The reality star claims one website in particular started the gossip, which did not sit well with her. “That’s RealityTea, and that’s like the worst website ever. They are so mean, and I hate that I’m even talking about them. Their writers are really, really mean and get all the info wrong. They get info wrong, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth," Schroeder said of the rumor allegedly started by the online blog. Although Stassi and Patrick are no longer living together, she insists that they'e still very much a couple. “I keep reading online that Patrick and I broke up. People keep texting me that, and I’m like nope we’re still together. We’re just living separately because we are trying something new," Stassi says. FIXERS, what do YOU think of the Patrick Meagher Stassi Schroeder break up rumors?! Is she telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth?