Kate Gosselin Reacts To Justin Bieber Hair Comparison

Posted on September 3rd, 2015 at 8:56 am
True Justin Bieber HairJustin Bieber attended the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night looking very much like a reality star we all love to hate -- Kate Gosselin! The singer stepped out on the red carpet donning the same famous hair style that the mother-of-eight made famous during her Kate Plus 8 stint circa 2009. While we've all been laughing about JB's new 'do, so has Kate! "I do see some resemblance to my former hairstyle -- Justin's is a current take on it, yes!" Gosselin told Cosmopolitan.com. "And it's okay, he can have it!" And just like Kate, Justin also got a kick out of the comparisons. The Biebs took to his Instgram to post a side-by-side pic of the pair, but sadly, he removed the flick from his social media page soon after -- but not before someone saved a screen grab of it (see above)!

Justin Bieber Hair 'Do: Love It Or Loathe It?

"I love the fact that he's willing to laugh at himself with this post because that shows signs of maturity," Kate said of Bieber's ability to have a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. "You have to be comfortable enough to take what people say about you and laugh. He did, and so thumbs-up, Justin!" Kate also recalls a time where she actually met the pop star. He was "really polite and sweet," Gosselin says. "Everyone makes mistakes, and they never go unnoticed when you're in the public eye," she added, "but as a mom, I wish him the very best in everything he does in life." After all, Kate has to give it up to Justin, who earned her to "cool mom" status. "My girls are beyond thrilled that he Instagrammed pics of us," Gosselin shared. "To top it off, Mady found his Instagram at the same time as I did this morning—on the bus on the way to school, no less. Her response was, 'MOTHER, WHAT THE HECK?' in all caps, which I interpreted as approval and excitement!"