Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Is Everything I Don’t Want In A Man

Posted on September 3rd, 2015 at 11:52 am
Exclusive It was a love story-turned-horror story. As documented on this season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's relationship has easily been one of the most tumultuous courtships ever seen on the MTV reality show. And now the mother-of-two is opening up EXCLUSIVELY to RumorFix about her tough times with the father of her son Kaiser, and why she plans to never go back to him. Evans admits that, while most all of her other relationships have been bad, her relationship with Nathan was by far the worst. "[My relationship with Nathan opened my eyes a lot because I've never been treated so poorly or disrespected [in my life]. He showed me all the qualities of a man that you don't want and I think it taught me a huge lesson," Jenelle explains adding, "I'm looking to focus towards my future and my kids." 15 PHOTOS Of Jenelle’s BIKINI BODY Transformation Throughout The Years! And with children as first priority, it's understandable that most mothers wouldn't want their youngsters around such "abusive" figures, but Evans has decided to take the high road, telling RumorFix that, although she has full custody of their one-year-old son Kaiser, she still gives Nathan opportunities to see him. But sadly, the 27-year-old has turned the opportunities down, says Jenelle. Evans reveals Nathan shrugged off the chance to see his son over the weekend while she was in California at the VMAs. "So even when I do give him the opportunity to see Kaiser it's his way or no way," she tells us. Now, with Kaiser basically being without a father figure, as well as Jenelle's eldest son, six-year-old Jace, how will the 23-year-old teach her two sons to grow up to be better father figures, given the negative experiences between their mother and abusive men that they've sadly had to witness? Evans explains, "I'm trying to teach them as well as I can from the relationships that I have been in. I'm trying to teach them the best way to grow up as a man with respect, and at the same time he's [Jace] learning from my mistakes, but at the same time I try not to make those mistakes and try to teach him, but then again he's like me -- I learn from my mistakes so maybe he will learn from mine." PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her New Boobs! There's no denying that Jenelle's life hasn't been the easiest. But with the help and support of top notch health professionals, Evans has been able to keep her head above water. "I see a psychiatrist right now who prescribes me Zoloft for my depression," Jenelle reveals, adding, "I have general anxiety and panic disorder-- so i get Zoloft and Neurontin for panic attacks." And while we've all seen Jenelle's many meltdowns on TM2, the mother-of-two explains she's not always like that. "When someone gets you mad, you see a side of that person that you've never seen before, and Nathan gets me to that point every time," she tells us. "And everyone's like 'Wow - when you're away from him you're just so chill,' and I'm like 'Yah, I know...'" So, with Jenelle Evans' history of volatile relationships hopefully behind her, is there any hope for a rekindled romance between her and Nathan Griffith? "I really don't think so," Jenelle tells RumorFix exclusively. "He's damaged this relationship so much." She says, "Even if we got back together I would be like, 'Is he cheating on me? Is he ever going to come home? Who is he with? Where's he at?'...And I don't want to be with someone like that. I don't want to have to worry about it." Jenelle insists it would "have to take a miracle."