David Beckham Divorce? Is It True?

Posted on September 27th, 2015 at 2:02 pm
Still A Rumor David Beckham Divorce David and Victoria Beckham could be heading toward a nasty divorce after the two were caught viciously arguing during an event- according to a report by The Sun (Via OK! Magazine.) The report claims that while out for a launch party of one of Victoria’s boutiques, the A-list couple was seen engaged in a heated, foul-mouthed argument that left onlookers shocked! David Beckham Divorce Rumors- Photos- David And Victoria Get Cozy At A Lakers Game "Behind the scenes there appears to be a lot of tension. Victoria is very tired and stressed from working so hard whereas David has a much more relaxed attitude now he is retired," a source told The Sun. "They have had monumental four-letter rows as the tension between them snaps and they explode at each other. "What keeps their bond strong is their children. They are both brilliant parents,” the source continued. The report goes on to claim the couples demanding work schedule is starting to create a major rift in their relationship. The fashion designer’s Mayfair London premiere party was allegedly the first time both her and her husband have been seen out in public together in several weeks, fueling speculation that there is something brewing beneath the surface.

David Beckham Divorce? Is It True?!

The Inquisitor reports that soon after he attended Victoria’s party overseas, the soccer star made his way straight back to the States, appearing at the United Nations on Friday, where he discussed child poverty issues. Then, on Friday evening, David Beckham uploaded an image to Instagram of himself enjoying dinner with Liv Tyler and Noel Gallagher at Lucali in Brooklyn.

David Beckham Divorce? Couple May Be Headed Toward An End

The celebrity powerhouse couple has been married since 1999, sharing four children together. What are your thoughts on the David Beckham Divorce rumors? We have reached out to representatives for the couple, so far nothing has yet to be confirmed or denied. Let us know what you think about the rumors!