Dan Bilzerian Guns Robbed!?

Posted on September 8th, 2015 at 12:46 pm
True Dan Bilzerian Guns Dan Bilzerian’s home in Los Angeles was robbed Friday night while he was out of town, and TMZ is now claiming the motivation was his gun collection. The latest report claims that while Bilzerian was in New York City attending the Electric Zoo festival, burglars broke into his Hollywood hills home through a broken window- going   straight for his gun famed gun collection, which has been plastered all over the internet by Bilzerian himself. Although police can confirm that burglars did indeed successfully gain entrance into Bilzerian’s home, they were unable to get into his locked gunroom, and left without stealing anything. It is currently unclear how many burglars were involved in the robbery.

Dan Bilzerian Guns Robbed!

Bilzerian, who is known for his outlandish and wild Instagram posts, has published many photos of his gun room on all of his social media accounts, given thieves a solid look into what was behind those locked doors. Insiders have confirmed that Bilzerian will undoubtedly beef up security after the breach. What are your thoughts on the Dan Bilzerian guns story? Do you think having that many dangerous weapons in one area is safe after posting them all on social media?