Caitlyn Jenner Legal Gender Change: I’m Receiving Threats!

Posted on September 15th, 2015 at 11:34 am
True Caitlyn Jenner Legal Gender Change

Caitlyn Jenner Legal Gender Change: I'm Receiving Threats!

Caitlyn Jenner just can't seem to catch a break! 10 Shocking Photos Of Bruce Turning Into Caitlyn RumorFix can confirm the transgender superstar filed legal documents with a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge this week asking that she officially change her name to Caitlyn and that she legally be declared a woman. But while this should be a victorious time for the former Olympic athlete, TMZ reveals that "she's afraid of providing the necessary information to the court because of physical threats." The 65-year-old has asked that the judge keep private information sealed. 10 Strikingly Beautiful Photos Of Caitlyn Jenner Alleged insiders close to the situation tells the outlet that Cait "filed a declaration saying she's received a lot of support but not everyone is happy with her ... she's received threats of physical harm and she's scared if she has to give up personal info such as medical history, it will escalate."