Tobias Strebel Drug Use: May Be A Factor In Missing Case

Posted on August 24th, 2015 at 3:17 pm
Exclusive Tobias Strebel Drug UseJustin Bieber's famous look-alike, Tobias Strebel, has gone missing, and RumorFix has learned EXCLUSIVELY that friends of the reality star were becoming increasingly worried about Strebel in the weeks leading up to his disappearance. Tobias Strebel, who rose to fame after dropping $100,000 on plastic surgery procedures in order to look like Justin Bieber, has been missing for about a week now and, according to friends, was last seen on Tuesday in West Hollywood. 10 Photos Of Justin Bieber Vs. Tobias Strebel: Who's Hotter?! RumorFix spoke exclusively with a pal close to the 35-year-old, who tells us that Strebel's close circle of friends have been "very concerned" for Justin Bieber's biggest fan in the last couple months. "He's been acting stranger than normal," reveals the fretful friend, adding that Tobias' physical appearance has also "drastically declined," -- which our source says is "unusual" for Strebel, who is generally "quite concerned about his looks and what people think of him." Another insider, who claims to be close to Strebel, continues to reveal to RumorFix exclusively that he worries that his friend may be using drugs and that "it's been sad to see" Strebel's decline. "He's become a different person than the man people saw on TV." The confused confidant concludes his pal is "just like a shell of that guy" everyone thought they knew. But it's not just his close friends who are worried about him. Residents of the West Hollywood community had also grown increasingly perplexed over Strebel's odd behavior and ghostly appearance. Just three weeks ago, Strebel was lifting weights on the second floor at 24 Hour Fitness, where he was spotted by curious onlookers who say Tobias looked like he was "struggling big time." One gymgoer, Emily Prior, who was at the fitness center during the odd encounter, tells RumorFix exclusively that all eyes were on Tobias during his visit to 24. "He looked completely out of it...almost unconscious at some points. He could barely keep his eyes open," our insider dishes, adding that it was almost like Tobias "was on some type of drug or something. It definitely was not safe for him to be working out and carrying weights." Despite what alleged friends and onlookers may have witnessed, Strebel's manager, Gina Rodrguez, tells RumorFix any rumors of drug use is "hard to believe." Gina, who has known Trebel since he was thrust into the spotlight, says her client seemed "totally fine" when she last talked with him on June 16. Tobias "Toby" Strebel first made headlines in 2014 on an episode of E! Entertainment's Botched series, where he admitted to having spent a whopping six-figures to look like the 21-year-old heartthrob. “What brought me to Bieber was the whole package: the full cheeks, the full temples, the bright open eyes, the full luscious lips, and spatial framing … [he's] just extraordinarily beautiful,” Strebel explained when asked why he wanted to look like JB. Tobias then went on to star in a May 2014 music video called "The Plastics," referring to himself as "Justin no. 2" "A Belieber from day one, couldn't take what age had done, watched Justin's videos, imitated how he posed," he sings in the vid. "Jealous of his perfect face, wished I could take his place. Docs made my dream come true, now I'm Justin no. 2." FIXERS, if you are aware of anything having to do with Tobias Strebel drug use and/or his whereabouts, please call the Los Angeles Police Department at (213)-972-2976.