The Real ‘Deez Nuts’ WelvenDaGreat To Brady Olson: Make Me Vice President!

Posted on August 20th, 2015 at 3:00 pm
Exclusive 'Deez Nuts' WelvenDaGreat The hashtag #DeezNutsForPresident has gone viral nationwide thanks to a kid from Iowa who found inspiration through the YouTube sensation WelvenDaGreat (more commonly known as the "Deez Nuts" guy). With his fame spreading like wildfire among generation Z, Welven's meme ignited a notion in 15-year-old Brady Olson to run for presidency under the fake but famous name, "Deez Nuts." Olson, who has been dubbed by experts as “the most successful independent candidate for president in two decades” after winning 9 percent of voter support in North Carolina, admitted he "never thought it would go this far," but now that it has, the teen is overwhelmed with “a mix of astonishment and happiness.” 14 CRAZY PHOTOS OF WELVEN DA GREAT! But with his rise to celebrity stardom, is Olson failing to give credit where credit is due? After all, without the name recognition (thanks to WelvenDaGreat), the high school student may have never gotten to where he is today. So how does the dude who originally coined the term "Deez Nuts" feel about some other kid using his famous name for his own gain? RumorFix spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the internet sensation, who tells us he's "very flattered" by Brady Olson and that he'd "like to thank him [for what he's done]." But the burning question is -- will Brady get Welven's vote? He tells us with a chuckle, "Only if he makes Welven Vice President!" Ha! Got 'em!