Paris Hilton Botox Rumors Untrue- So Says The Heiress!

Posted on August 7th, 2015 at 1:30 pm
True Paris Hilton Botox Multi million dollar heiress and self made business mogul Paris Hilton is finally opening up on rumors that she has had work done on her face. In new a interview with New You Magazine, Hilton admits that she asked her dermatologists if she needed any medical upcoming on her face, but was advised against it per doctors orders because her face just happens to be so pristine! "I even asked my dermatologist if I should do [Botox] and he's like, 'I refuse to do it to you…Your skin is perfect. I will not do it to you until you need it and I don't know if you ever will.' I am happy with that. I have nothing against it; all my friends have done everything—boobs, nose, chin, cheeks. I live in Hollywood so I'm used to seeing it. It's just that I've never wanted to do it,” said Paris. Hilton then admits that it isn't just isn’t Botox that she chose to shun away from. The heiress has taken her mother's advice on early skin care, which helped her from going under the knife. "I've never done anything in my life. People love making things up, but I am very lucky that I have listened to my mom through my young age. She told me to stay away from the sun, so my friends would be frying in the sun every day and now they all look much older and all have Botox." We have to admit, whatever Paris is doing, she looks GREAT. Hilton has come a long way from her television debut on the Simple Life. The heiress got candid on how people and the media perceive her, and says there is more to her than people have given her credit for in the past. "A lot of people don't know the real me…The Paris that they were introduced to over a decade ago on The Simple Life is not who I am. That was just a character I was playing. The real Paris is a down to earth, sweet, real girl—woman now—who is a business woman and feels very proud…I have a really big heart,” said Paris.