Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Has Fleas?

Posted on August 7th, 2015 at 9:36 am
Fixed Leonardo DiCaprio BeardA boy becomes a man when he can grow a beard, some may say, but in Leonardo DiCaprio's case, a beard means flea infestation! According to the National Enquirer, that is! A source close to the A-List actor dishes to the supermarket magazine that Leo's facial hair growth abilities may be one of his most admired qualities aside from his acting, but the pal reveals that the furry face has got to go or else the star may be risking his health. "Fleas have been nesting in his beard," the friend says of the Hollywood hottie, who allegedly was first called out for the flea infestation after an unidentified girl freaked out when she spotted a flea perched in DiCaprio’s “big bushy beard.” Leo's bad hygiene isn't only effecting his game with the ladies, but it's also effecting his friendships, says the source. “Leo’s being a good sport about it, but it’s starting to, er, bug him now. Everyone’s begging him to have the beard professionally washed every day, and a few of us have picked him up some flea powder!” But is Leo's beautiful beard really bad on the inside?  A source close to the actor tells RumorFix that DiCaprio is taking perfect care of his beard and gets it regularly groomed, and is only growing it out for his upcoming movie The Revenant, in which he plays an 1820s frontiersman.