EJ Johnson Dating New Mystery Man?! [Video]

Posted on August 21st, 2015 at 10:43 am
Still A Rumor Is Rich Kids EJ Johnson dating a new mystery man? In a new video shot outside of celebrity hotspot The Nice Guy, Johnson can be seen getting up close and personal with a new handsome man! The star, who is spotted around town often, has not been openly romantic since his last Boyfriend. This isn't like the reality star to be so open in public. Could there be something more going on between these two?! Johnson recently opened up to Mail Online about his weight loss and the effect it has had on his dating life.

EJ Johnson Dating New Mystery Man?! Reality Star Gets Intimate With New Guy!

"I feel like my stars have aligned right now. I just put out my energy, whether it's flirty or sexual or romantic energy, and I just receive response. I get it back," he said. "I feel that my confidence level has definitely gone up. And I'm, you know, a new bitch." The reality star has also been recently linked to Jason Kidd Jr, admitting that he was hoping for more out of their friendship. 'You know, it's just really exciting just to have casual flirtations or a date every now and again. Everybody wants to be wanted. Now I'm ready to let someone in." Johnson attributed his drastic weight loss to Pilates as well as eliminating carbs out of his diet. The "RKOBH" star said that his trainer Cindy has also played a huge part in his transformation. Johnson said Cindy inspired him to take control of his weight and have a more postitive outlook on life. What are your thoughts on EJ Johnson Dating New Mystery Man? We're glad to see Johnson feeling so confident after his weight loss! Will we be seeing more of the reality star out with the mystery man? Only time will tell, but we hope so!