Why Did Brandi Glanville Breakup With JR?

Posted on July 14th, 2015 at 1:34 pm
Exclusive Brandi Glanville Breakup With JR Brandi Glanville Breakup With JR Explained! RumorFix can confirm that Brandi Glanville broke up J.R.! The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed on Sunday that she called it quits with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jonathan “J.R.” Ruiz. RumorFix reached out to Brandi who exclusively confirmed the news to us, telling us, "yes, we did break up." A source super close to the situation also reveals to RumorFix, "Brandi and J.R. break up and make up every other week but ultimately him working at the Agency with Mauricio has made it really hard for the two of them to socialize because he gets along with them and works with MO who recently sent Brandi a legal letter - it's uncomfortable for Brandi , him etc to go to agency events!" the insider dishes to RumorFix exclusively, further adding, "Brandi cares about him a ton but she does not think it's true love - they haven't seen each other lately accept for one accidental run in that turned into a sleepover :/ accidents happen ;)"

Brandi Glanville Breakup With JR!

The model first hinted at a breakup in a cryptic tweet posted to her Twitter account on Sunday. The “Drinking and Tweeting” author wrote, “Break up with JR breakups work that and hangout with gay droids they will remind you never to eat- advice from guzband on how 2b thin.” In attempt to decipher the meaning behind the reality star’s puzzling post, one Brandi super-fan explained on Twitter that what Glanville is trying to say is, “thin = the breakup diet or hang out with gays (who always choose salad w/ their Rose).” In other words, a fast way to lose weight, in Brandi’s opinion, is to either go through a break up just like she had endured after splitting from J.R., or hang out with gay friends who encourage you to eat healthy. Breakups are never easy, but we're sure the beautiful starlet won't have any problem finding love again!