Vanessa Williams Marries Jim Skrip!

Posted on July 5th, 2015 at 12:02 pm
True Vanessa Williams Marries Jim Skrip Former Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams married her boyfriend Jim Skrip The pair exchanged vows on July 4th in New York her rep has confirmed. Family and friends joined the couple as fireworks exploded nearby. The actress had teased her fans via social media that she was going on a road trip for the holiday weekend. Well, that trip ended in a marriage! The couple's engagement was announced back in September when she showed off showed off her stunning new ring on the Queen Latifah Show. She told the host: "I got engaged. I have had a lot of good things happen while I've been on this lovely trip. "I turned 50 when we were in rehearsal on Broadway, I just got engaged a couple of weeks go...It has been a lot of blessings on this trip."

This will mark the third marriage for the former beauty queen, who was previously married to Ramon Hervey ll and basketball star Rick Fox.

Earlier this year, the 53-year-old opened up to Madame Noire  about meeting her now husband, who hails from her mother's town of Buffalo, New York.

She revealed: "You never know what you'll find and where you'll find it," she said. "I was on vacation with my daughter going to Egypt, cruising on the Nile.

"I wasn't looking for anything. I'd been alone for a number of years and divorced for 10 years at that time."

Congratulations to the couple!

Vanessa Wiliiams Marries Jim Skrip