Tori Spelling Downgrades Home In Calabasas!

Posted on July 13th, 2015 at 2:56 pm
True Tori Spelling Downgrades Home Tori Spelling Downgrades Home In Calabasas! The 42 year old actress and her husband, Dean McDermott, downgraded their Calabasas home for one that is half the size, TMZ reports. According to real estate agent sources, TMZ claims Tori and Dean’s new Calabasas pad is 3,733 sq. ft. and has 5 beds and 5 baths , which is in truth not  bad, but is definitely a downgrade from their previous home.  The new house boasts a pool and a library, with previous tenants paying $7,000 monthly. Spelling broke down in front of cameras on her show, "True Tori," as she caved in to the pressure of having to support her family under financial pressures.

“I’m overwhelmed with life,” Tori says through her tears. “I just feel so responsible for so many people, and I can’t do it — the responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially.”

      Reports gave claimed in the past the both Tori and dean are unemployed, living off of credit cards that keep doubling in debt with each passing month. "They're living off credit cards," says one insider. "Tori pays the minimum on the cards, so the bills keep doubling and tripling." Spelling is reportedly living on more than half a million dollars a year that they do not have. What do you think about Spelling's new Calabasas home?