Stevie Ryan Is Taking Over Hollywood On “Sex With Brody”

Posted on July 10th, 2015 at 2:27 pm
Exclusive Stevie Ryan Is Taking Over Hollywood On "Sex With Brody". Ryan is set to premiere on the new season of "Sex With Brody"..and RumorFix caught up with the 30 year old Youtube star turned E! show host. "Sex With Brody" is set to premiere Friday, July 10 on E!, and will take a 'PG-13' spin between Dr. Drew's Loveline and Howard Stern's talk show. The show obviously stars Stevie Ryan alongside the famous Kardashian sibling Brody Jenner, so just how did Ryan come to become a part of the show? Ryan, a Victorville , California native, admits that both her and Jenner could not have come from anymore different backgrounds, but have absolutely hit it off since taping "Sex With Brody." "I actually didn't know Brody at all before we taped the pilot episodes for the show, but we instantly hit it off," says Ryan."We could not have come from anymore  of different backgrounds, but i'm like a total laid back girl, and he's a really laid back surfer type of guy, so regardless of our backgrounds, we just hit it off from the start!"   Stevie Ryan Is Taking Over Hollywood On "Sex With Brody"2 Ryan, who comes from a humble background where she began  creating her own characters and impersonating celebrities on Youtube, got her first major break into mainstream media after getting her own show on VH1, "Stevie TV." "I just auditioned for Sex With Brody and he and I just hit it off, and that's how I got started on the show. It's been great so far!" This is the first time Ryan has been involved in a show as risque as Sex With Brody, which covers topics such as how far one can go at a bachelor party, to what the perfect amount of time is for a sex session. When asked which of Brody's famous siblings she would like to have co host on the show, Ryan says, "I actually haven't met any of his sisters yet, but if I  had to choose one I'd have to say Kendall Jenner!" Said Ryan. "I think she is so sweet and real, but that might be awkward to have her on the show, she is pretty young!" Aside from her upcoming show, Ryan has made headlines recently, taking Twitter to air her frustrations with MTV's Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Evan's who recently posted a video of herself lighting a firework in front of her dog's face, received backlash on social media. Ryan felt that she needed to stand up for her poor animals. "All I have to say about that is that it was disgusting what she did," said Ryan. "I am a firm believer in therapy, and I think Jenelle should be involved in therapy herself and needs to focus more of her attention on her children. Some people believe in God, I believe in taking care of animals."

Stevie Ryan Is Taking Over Hollywood On "Sex With Brody"

On a lighter note, Ryan's sweet personality and honest take on life is something that will shine on her new show with Brody Jenner! She is sure to become a household name and we are excited for what's in store for her! Be sure to catch "Sex With Brody" tonight at 10:30 0n E!