Ray J Claims Brandy Subway Video Was A set Up![Video]

Posted on July 16th, 2015 at 12:00 pm
True Ray J Claims Brandy Subway Video Was A set Up! Photographers caught the "I Hit It First" rapper leaving celebrity hotspot Craig's, where he dished on his take of the video of brandy being brutally ignored while singing beautifully on a New York City Subway! "Maybe she was pretending like, when she was on the train, you all are acting like you don't know where i'm at," said Ray J. "Maybe she could have set it up! Just to make it look like that, because when I watched it, i'm like' dam man! No one is even paying attention!'" Now that's a good point! Brandy recently opened up about the importu performance, and what her inspiration was behind it. "I did this maybe a couple of weeks ago. I’d been riding the subway after I worked out with my trainer — I loved getting the whole New York culture, I loved the normalcy of it. So I took my camera guy, who’s also a friend of mine, and said, “Let’s just do something adventurous! Something fun! Let me sing on the train and see what happens!” And that’s the reaction I got — no reaction!"  Her voice in the video is absolutely beautiful, so we find it hard that no one paid any attention!