Joe Manganiello On His Struggles With Addiction

Posted on July 1st, 2015 at 8:35 am
True Joe ManganielloOn the outside it looks like he has it all, but life hasn't always come so easy for Joe Manganiello. The actor opened up to Haute Living about his struggles with addiction. "I battled with addiction at a young age and got to the other side of that. That's an ongoing battle." The Magic Mike XXL star continues, "I was writing a one-man show at some point, and maybe I'll pick up with that or turn that into a book; there are some hurdles that were thrown my way in life that I had to get over [that I want to discuss]. I think there's a story in there somewhere about trying to find my way through that and making it to where I am today." On the upside, he has fiancee Sofia Vergara to keep him grounded. The proof? He tells the publication that when he suggested to Vergara that they star in a movie together, his bride-to-be completely rejected the idea. "Her fear is that we'd make the next Gigli," he says of Sofia's fears that the movie would be "a flop." "We get along so well together; I'm so lucky to have found that right person for me, and I know she feels the same way. We're really good with each other. Why risk f---ing that up?"