Is Rihanna Bald After Too Many Weaves?!

Posted on July 10th, 2015 at 1:18 pm
True Rihanna BaldingIs Rihanna bald? According to new salacious reports being made on the gossip website, MediaTakeOut, yes! The site claims that RiRi's years of putting “heavy weaves” into her scalp has caused the superstar singer to lose her locks.

New Photos Allegedly Show Rihanna Bald

Rihanna is “going bald after years of coloring and heavy weaves," MTO claims, adding, that the S&M hit maker's “edges are looking extra thin.” They blab on, “Rihanna still has enough edges to reverse whatever is happening” but “she needs to start taking better care of her hair. As big as her forehead is… she can’t afford to lose any of her edges.” Well, as much as MediaTakeOut's reporting is proven to be completely inaccurate, they might as well change their name to "MediaFakeOut." Rihanna is NOT going bald, despite this mean report.