Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump Kim Richards Response:’I Supported Her’

Posted on July 23rd, 2015 at 2:23 pm
Exclusive Lisa Vanderpump Kim Richards Response Vanderpump has broken her silence on Kim Richard's claim that she is phony, and she is taking the higher ground here.. Lisa Vanderpump Kim richards Response:'I Supported Her' RumorFix reached out to Vanderpump for her thoughts on being called phony by the troubled reality star, and Vanderpump got candid with RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY. "I wish her well,' said Vanderpump. "Always tried to be supportive,if that's phony then that's me honey."  We don't think we could have said it better ourselves. Vanderpump was responding to allegations made by Kim Richards that she was "phony". "She's witty, she's fun, she has a big heart for people she loves, but I think Lisa is ... she’s phony," Richards said. "Sometimes I felt like she was my friend, and you know, I believed her, but in a heartbeat she changes." Clearly, Richards was struggling to find the right words for her opinion of Vanderpump when asked what she had thought of her. It seems as though Vanderpump is not letting the cheap jabs made at her effect her. The 54 year old business mogul and reality star has tried her best to stay out of the way of feuds between Kyle and Kim Richards to the best of her abilities, but you can't always win!

Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump Kim Richards Response:'I Supported Her'

"U can’t help somebody til they want to help themselves, I know for sure that the sisters will always support each other when the time comes," Vanderpump tweeted regarding Richard's struggle with sobriety.