Kanye’s Changing Looks Video- From College Dropout To Doting Dad [VIDEO]

Posted on June 17th, 2015 at 2:45 pm
Kanye West, the self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don", has always been a man of style, but it's easy to see his style has never stayed the same throughout the years. Kanye's Changing Looks Video shows the change from college dropout to doting dad! When Kanye first came into the scene around 2004, he favored traditional hip hop style, such as baggy Jeans and backpacks, as well as flashy jewelry. He then twisted his look up a bit by adding flashy neon colored Polo shirts and sneakers. After the release of Graduation , Kanye took a more futuristic approach to his style. West's iconic shutter shades made by French eyewear designer Alain Mikli, were a HUGE trendsetter during the time. Of course as time went on,  Kanye's iconic high profile dating career started to become just as much headline news as his music and productions. His style took a more fashion forward path, such as his coordinating outfits with then girlfriend, Amber Rose. Now that West has married Kim Kardashian, it seems his style has only been benefited by their marriage, as his once loud and eccentric fashion choices have shifted to more classy and chic looks, such as Louis Vuitton kimonos and designer suits to match that of Kim Kardashians. Kanye has definitely shown that he is a man of of sophisticated style that is always growing. What's your favorite Kanye look?!