Heather Dubrow Daughter Max Gets Legs Waxed At Age 11?!

Posted on June 24th, 2015 at 6:36 am
Fixed Heather Dubrow Daughter MaxHeather Dubrow did not take her 11-year-old daughter to get her legs waxed, despite tabloid reports! The Real Housewives of Orange County star is slamming recent reports that she took Max to a salon in Los Angeles to get her leg hair removed. An alleged salon "witness" told a tabloid that the pre-teen was "screaming" throughout the entire beauty procedure. But mama Dubrow is not happy with the gossip surrounding her daughter, as she expressed during an interview with People. "This is not a true story," an Angry Heather explains. "And what I find so low and what really crosses the line of common decency--you stay away from children. You don't cross the line with kids -- If you want to talk about me, if you want to say something about me, fine! These facts were never checked, I was not called for comment, I was not given an opportunity to comment. I just think it's despicable and low and I expect a retraction and apology." Star magazine was the first outlet to report the story with the headline "Monster Mom." Heather says she thinks the tabloid she change their name to "Monster Mag."