Beyonce Plastic Surgery – True Or False?

Posted on June 9th, 2015 at 2:07 pm
Exclusive Beyonce Nose JobBeyonce is the latest celebrity to fall victim of plastic surgery rumors. According to tabloid reports, Beyonce plastic surgery rumors are on the rise as the star recently underwent her "second nose job." MediaTakeOut, a website known for starting rumors and ruining reputations, blares in their latest story, "But unlike her FIRST nose job, whose aim was to REDUCE the width of her nose . . . Bey's LATEST nose job was done specifically to make her look 'MORE BLACK.'"

Beyonce Plastic Surgery  -- Is It True?!

The speculation made by the gossip blog that Beyonce had a recent rhinoplasty is based on comparisons of three different photos of the singer's alleged "changing nose" throughout the years -- "Bey's born nose," "Bey's nose number 2," and "Bey's BACK TO BLACK nose." Check the flick above and see for yourself. However, despite the slight differences shown in the images, RumorFix still wasn't buying MTO's reporting, so we dug a little deeper. First of all, two of those photos show Queen Bey done up in complete hair and makeup, and everyone knows the magic behind camera angles, lighting and makeup, especially when you're a show business professional. On the other hand, when we change the environment of lighting we change the image we see - case in point for photo number three ("Bey's back to black nose"). Beyoncé’s case is a prime example here. And to be extra accurate, RumorFix reached out to a pal super close to the superstar who tells us EXCLUSIVELY that the rumor is "totally fabricated" and that Bey definitely did not undergo any cosmetic procedures to change the appearance of her schnoz.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Rumors Are "Totally Fabricated," Says Source!

This is not the first time MediaTakeOut has partaken in irresponsible reporting regarding the star's family and plastic surgery. Just last year, the site compared photos of Beyonce’s baby daughter, claiming that Blue Ivy had already gone under the knife for a nose job at the tender age of one! MTO declared at the time, “Beyonce’s Baby’s Nose Appears… To Have CHANGED!!!” just got a tip from a KEEN EYED reader . . who is wondering . . . how is it POSSIBLE for Beyonce’s baby to go from a STRAIGHT nose (like Beyonce) . . . to a wide FLAT nose (like Jay Z) in just a few months. We know that Babys change . . . but that does strike us as VERY ODD.”

RumorFix double checked the accuracy of this report by consulting with board certified plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors, Dr. Ordon, who told us exclusively, “Babies don’t get nose jobs. If their nose is crooked at birth, it can be manually straightened and tape placed to hold it. I don’t think that happened here.”

Moral of the story -- don't buy into all the hype surrounding Beyonce plastic surgery rumors -- because they're not true!