WATCH Showtime’s 3AM Samantha Acosta ‘Bare It All’ In Series Premiere

Posted on May 28th, 2015 at 2:08 pm
Exclusive Showtime 3AM Samantha AcostaSet your DVRs, because Showtime is gearing up to premiere one of their most anticipated documentaries to date! 3AM, which premieres Thursday at 11 p.m., is a high-energy documentary series produced by Dick Wolf that follows a cornucopia of characters – drag queens, artists, escorts, and other insomniacs, all trying to turn fantasy into reality while flaunting every rule in the book. Samantha Acosta is one character in particular whom were most excited to follow, especially since she has frequently been tweeting about how she will be "baring it all" during the May 28 premiere. Acosta is a former escort whose life is chronicled in the show. The network will be giving us an up-close-and-personal glimpse of her past day-to-day life making bank by being an active participant within the controversial career. And the 26-year-old Manhattan woman is very aware of the controversy that surrounds her former "day job." The escort-turned-professional photographer reveals that she has been nervous about the premiere for quite some time now, telling RumorFix exclusively, "It's obviously a bit nerve wracking to have your personal life on national television under any circumstance but particularly when it's to do with something that can be viewed as controversial. The bottom line is I am secure about who I am and the decisions I've made so whatever happens is part of my destiny." Luckily for Samantha, however, those controversial career choices have allowed her to pursue her dreams as a full-time professional photographer. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and published in art magazines. She is currently working on an exhibit titled "Do Not Disturb," which documents her experiences as an escort from a feminist viewpoint through a series of 4x6 photographs taken on disposable cameras. The Daytona Beach, FL native's other exhibits offer candid and compelling images centered on the social constructs of femininity and sexuality. Now, back to that "baring it all" thing she keeps talking sources tell RumorFix that the camera crew actually films Acosta having sex. But,  you'll just have to tune in to Showtime tonight to find out for sure!