Pregnant Marisa Miller Naked For New PETA Ad

Posted on May 5th, 2015 at 2:03 pm
True Pregnant Maris Miller NakedNaked and pregnant -- now that's quite the combo! Marisa Miller is opening up about her decision to literally bare all for a new PETA campaign called SeaWorldofHurt, which brings awareness to animals in captivity. In order to bring attention to the cause close to Miller's heart, the pregnant actress will show off her bare baby belly while lying completely nude in a bath tub to represent Sea World's killer whales, who are captured and then forced to be confined to living in small enclosures. “I’ve always been an animal lover and I do a lot with ocean conservation,” 36-year-old revealed to People. “I always see dolphins when I surf, but I didn’t have the knowledge about how they are acquired. When Blackfish came out, I saw it and I was so upset. Even the tanks they do their ridiculous tricks in are way bigger than where they actually sleep,” Miller explains. “They’re completely confined. That’s why they have all these dental problems because they are chewing on metal and concrete — they can’t even move.” “[The animals] are ripped apart from their family, they have to be drugged to handle the environment they’re in,” she says, adding that she hopes the new campaign will prevent people from supporting the parks. “There are other ways to experience them. There is a way that you can rehabilitate the animals in an environment that they can swim and you can go check them out.” The soon-to-be mom of two insists, “It’s about awareness. Once the public knows, then they can make their own choices. I was so unaware of the realities about how the whales are captured, how they are separated and their emotional capacity. This is an animal whose babies never leave their mother’s side their whole life,” she says. “So as a mother, I have a totally different perspective on relating to that.” While she has no problem showing off her beautiful baby belly, Miller does admit she's not as confident when it comes to stripping down to her birthday suit. “People are harsh. I think I have a little bit of a thick skin from having the career I did,” she explains. “My mindset has always been that it’s about being healthy [during pregnancy]," she adds. "If you are being healthy and you put on 40 lbs., you put on 40 lbs.” “I have a husband that is so wonderful and accepting [about] the things that aren’t so pretty that happen when you’re pregnant. It’s so not a big deal to him,” she says of her husband Griffin Guess. “Your body is like, ‘I know what to do!’ But I have had so much throbbing pressure so I feel like I’m swollen and he’s like, ‘Sweetie, you’re pregnant. It’s fine and things will go back to normal.’ It just really helps when your husband is so cool about it.” The couple already have one son togehter, two-year-old Gavin Lee, and revealed in January that they are expecting a second baby boy. Cheers to Marisa Miller and the positive impact she is making in the world!