Kylie Jenner Drug Use Rumor Not True

Posted on May 12th, 2015 at 4:18 pm
Fixed Kylie Jenner Drug UseKylie Jenner drug use out of control? Not so fast, says the reality star herself! The youngest Jenner sister is insisting that her lifestyle actually consists of no drug use at all. Jenner made headlines last week after fans speculated that the 17-year-old had admitted to being high in a short Snapchat video she released last week. In the quick clip, Jenner can be seen in a car chowing down on a biscuit from the fast food chain Popeye's Chicken while mumbling to someone out of frame. Followers of the starlet assumed she said, "I'm high as f***," but Jenner is insisting that couldn't be further from the truth. So Ky took to Twitter to shoot down the speculation over the video, saying, "I did a Snapchat saying my chicken was 'good as f***' eating Popeye's for the 1st time and apparently people think I said high as f**k," Jenner wrote. "I DID NOT say that." Jenner concluded, "Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I'm this wild child. The media is mean & I try not to look at it. So sorry 4 the late statement." And just minutes are her drug use denial, Kylie also responded to a rumor that she quit high school. "I do school every weekday 🙂 again don't believe everything you read," she Tweeted, revealing that she graduates in one month.